Mission Statement & Core Beliefs

CVSD Athletics Mission Statement

To provide students with quality extracurricular activities that support the Mission and Vision of the Conestoga Valley School District, promote a sense of pride and belonging among the students, staff and community and advance the development of leadership, character, and lifelong fitness among student/athletes.

Core Beliefs

  1. Athletic activities are important elements of a well-rounded education.
  2. Athletic activities complement and support academic achievement.
  3. Athletic activities promote fitness, good health and sportsmanship at all times.
  4. Victory should be pursued with honor and integrity at all times.
  5. The individual is critical to the success of the whole.
  6. Varied and diverse activities match students’ interests, abilities and creativity.
  7. Athletic activities promote essential life skills and strategies such as respect,  teamwork, self-discipline, work ethic, commitment and overcoming adversity. 

Interscholastic Athletic Opportunities Disclosure 2015-2016