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Spring Break

We have five days off for spring break, with no school!  What are you most looking forward to over your spring break? The food, activities, time with family/friends, etc.? Why are you looking forward to this? Provide reasons in your response.

Home Sweet Home

In the story we have been reading, Stormi Giovanni moves to a new school. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you like to live? Would you move to another county, state, country, or continent? Explain your reasons with details. Provide at least 3 reasons why you would choose to live in that place.


In our story, The Gymnast, Gary has practiced and practiced to get better at gymnastics. What have you practiced or persevered through to get a lot better at? Type your response in a paragraph.


How would you describe the season of spring to someone that never experienced it before. Use your five senses to describe spring in a 1 paragraph response. How does spring smell? What does spring taste like? What can you see during spring?  What sounds do you hear in the spring? What can you touch during spring?

PSSA Rewards

This week and next week our school, along with others, are taking the PSSA tests. You have spent a lot of time preparing for them and work very hard each day during the tests. In the ultimate school, what reward or special privilege would you like to receive for taking the PSSAs? Write your response in a 3 paragraph format and explain why you would choose that reward or privilege.

Sports, anyone?

What is your favorite sport? Please support your opinion with reasons.

Animal Haiku Riddles-Who Am I?

Our Animal Riddle Haikus were a hit at conference time. Although we wrote ours as riddles, a haiku does not have to be a riddle. However, it does need to have three lines with a syllable pattern of 5-7-5.

Many parents had a chance to read a few of these when they were in the hall, waiting. Today, we are posting our Animal Haiku Riddles, so those who have not had a chance can read them and make their guesses.

TIP: The answers for the riddles are found at bottom of the blog entries. Good luck figuring out our haiku riddles!


What if you were suddenly given $1,000? You can’t spend it on yourself. How would you spend the money, and why would you spend it that way?

Our First Bloggings…

How exciting to try out our first classroom blogging adventure. Please read my post below, and answer what I’ve asked you to do.

We read and discussed Blogging Vocabulary and Guidelines. Look back at this information, and comment on what you think is most important to remember about blogging. Tell why it is most important.