With reports of some flurries potentially arriving this weekend, I wanted to take a minute to review our winter weather procedures, so everyone is prepared for if, or more likely, when, snow arrives.

Ultimately, I’ll make the decision on whether we will have a delay, dismissal or closure, after consulting with several other key stakeholders. Depending on the forecast, I will try to make the call on schedule changes the night before if possible. Oftentimes, though, I will have to decide that morning. When that happens, I will consult very early with our transportation supervisor, school maintenance crews, Lancaster County officials and other superintendents in the area to discuss the status and safety of the roads and our facilities. I will try to have a decision made by 5:45 a.m.

Our first line of communication is our automated phone system. To contact parents, the system uses information found in the Sapphire Parent Portal. Anyone who is listed as Contact 1, 2, or 3 AND is marked as living with the student will receive a call, so please be sure that information is correct. Additionally, CV, SOSL and Brightbill staff will also be called using the phone system. We will also send an email alert and post messages on our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We also notify local media outlets of our decision. While it is good to pay attention to the media during these storms, please keep in mind that sometimes mistakes are made. If you see something on the news about CV changing its school schedule, but have not received a call from us, or seen it on our website, then the information from the media may be incorrect.

If we do have to cancel school, our school board has built into our academic calendar several snow make-up days. Please check the district calendar for an updated list of these make-up days.

Making the snow day delay or cancelation call is the one that is forever debated and discussed.  From, “what was he thinking?!” to, “I’m glad he made that call,” there will always be opposing points of view.  I can tell you that when I make these decisions, I am trying to balance student safety with the importance of their education. I appreciate the impact on parents who need to find sitters for delays or closures; on faculty and staff who also have to get to school safely; on our crews who prepare our campuses; and on our students who will be outside shoveling your driveways and sidewalks!

So, if bad weather is on its way, pay attention to your phones, our website, Facebook and Twitter, and media outlets.  We’ll definitely get the word out!  That all being said, let’s just hope we have a warm winter!




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