With the holidays upon us, I invited our K-12 Supervisor of Communications, Michelle Trasborg, to share some of her top gift ideas for students that will help them in school and beyond.

Every year it seems to get harder and harder to figure out what to buy children for the holidays. Of course, the latest electronic gadget is probably on most lists, but this year I invite you to consider something else. In a world where we are hurried and over-scheduled, perhaps this is the year to slow down and think about TIME. My list this year focuses on the theme of time and all that it can offer.

  1. Go vintage. Give a favorite toy or book from your past. Many websites offer vintage toys in brand new condition! You could also take a look around local thrift shops and pick up a book that you once treasured as a kid. Not only will you share some history with your child, but you can take a stroll down memory lane. The conversations that occur as you discuss memories may be even better than the gift itself.
  2. Go on a mystery adventure. Time spent together on a trip to a new place is worth the investment. Not only will there be new memories to share, but a little risk-taking and sense of excitement is good for us all. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple visit to somewhere local you’ve never been before or to a faraway location. You could even pick up a book or two about the spot you’re going to so your student can learn a little more about the location’s history! Pack a box with a map, an itinerary, and some pictures, and you’re good to go! Let the adventure begin!
  3. Go out and spend time doing for others. Invite your child to join you in investing time in your local community. There are many organizations that sponsor families and children, deliver food, or offer opportunities for service, especially near the holidays. Here at CV, we are holding our annual Shop with a Buckskin event next Tuesday, Dec. 19 where high school students will take elementary students shopping for gifts for their family. Consider volunteering for a local organization with your child this holiday season. Giving time to others is a gift that gives back to all.

Wishing you and your family the very best holiday season!


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