It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here for half of a year already! In a way, it seems like forever, but definitely in a good way! We have a strong educational system in place; we focus on our students and embrace the concept of community.

This year, we have established goals that are “forward thinking.” We not only care about the 13 years our students spend with us, but also what happens in those years after they leave us. We talk about 21st Century skills, blended learning opportunities, and focusing on students’ futures once they graduate. In order for us to concentrate on those goals, it is imperative that we know our target – what does a CV Graduate look like in order to be successful in an ever-changing, global society (what does he or she know, what are they able to do, what is their character makeup, what qualities do they possess, etc.)?

We are going to embark on a quest to answer that very same multi-faceted question.  Over the next few months we will be sending out surveys, having conversations in committees, compiling information from a number of vested parties – students, parents, teachers/staff, community members, businesses, and anyone else that is impacted by our graduates.  Once we compile all of that data, we’ll consolidate it into a workable document that is easily understood and referenced, and one that focuses the efforts of the entire District (both inside the classroom and in the community) as we ensure our children are ready to meet the life opportunities available post-graduation.

More information will be forthcoming on this meaningful quest to help EVERY child be successful in school, and in life.

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