We are constantly looking to hire innovative risk-takers who are focused on preparing our students for THEIR future.  But, what exactly does a CV Graduate look like?  What does he/she know; what can they do; how do they act/behave?

In order for us to better align our educational SYSTEM with what students need to know to be successful in the modern world, we have to know our target. As such, we’ve started the process of identifying these key factors as we (educators, parents, community members, Board members, and students) work to develop the Profile of the CV Graduate.

Over the past few weeks, a team of teachers, administrators and other stakeholders met to discuss what we want our Profile of a CV graduate to include.  In this first blush, the participants took inventory of societal changes over the last 25 years, looked into their “crystal ball” to see what changes may occur in the future, and then, most importantly, listed the competencies needed by our students to be successful in that future.

We are fortunate in that we have a strong educational system in place. By making a conscientious effort on focusing on how our students best learn and how they USE the knowledge they have gained over their thirteen years at CV, we realize that we can improve our instructional processes to maximize opportunities for our students’ life successes.

This exciting process is ongoing, and we will continue to talk with students, teachers, community members, business leaders and other stakeholders to learn what they think students need to be successful… and how CV plays a role in that success. Once we have  gathered all the input, we will consolidate it into a workable document that is easily understood and referenced, and one that will focus the efforts of the entire district, both inside and outside of the classroom.

P.S.  So start thinking about what our graduates should be able to know, do, and act – we’ll be reaching out in person and/or through a survey in the near future!


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