A State Budget–And Not

While it is not my intent to make this a forum for commentary on the state budget, this year has been confusing, and I continue to field questions about what the political back-and-forth means for Conestoga Valley. I hope all of these issues are resolved soon, but for the moment, we have a state budget—but not all the funds we expect.

Storm Clouds

storm-b98028119f103d82Even though I consider it a critical issue, I have not written about our state’s budget impasse for several months. The intransigence on all sides of the debate is frustrating, and our school life must go on. But there are storm clouds looming on the horizon.

Reflecting Our Values

Distinguished-AlumniThe wild weather this week has me thinking spring. One of my favorite days of every school year is our Distinguished Alumni induction program, scheduled this year for May 6. We are preparing to honor four CVHS graduates who have achieved success and distinction in their careers and communities, and I hope you will help us continue this program by nominating others!

Testing Topics

TestingThanks to parents and students for weighing in on our proposed calendar. We are always at our best when all stakeholders join the conversation on important topics! Our school board had a productive conversation on this issue Monday evening, and will consider it again on Feb. 16. I invited Dr. Mann to follow up on last week’s post to clarify two issues regarding testing, one as it relates to the proposed schedule and another regarding Keystone Exams at the high school.

May Day: Our 2016-2017 Academic Calendar

Mann-(2)My guest today is Dr. Donovan Mann, our director of secondary education. Dr. Mann is working with our staff team to develop the academic calendar for our 2016-2017 school year, which the board will approve at its second meeting in February. What they have in draft form may be surprising!

Building an academic calendar is a collaborative process, and we are guided by several principles. Obviously, we want to ensure our students attend school for the requisite number of days, scheduled around appropriate breaks and holidays. We also want to build in snow make-up days during the year, so a snowy winter does not push the end of school too far into June.

I Only Decide to Open School

Conestoga Valley School District was one of three school districts in Lancaster County to remain on a two-hour delay on Tuesday. I acknowledge that the weekend blizzard was historic, but at some point we need to return to school and work together to ensure the safety of our students and staff.