Funding Commission: Start at the Beginning

As you may have heard, our state Legislature formed a commission to study the way it contributes to school funding in the Commonwealth. My guest blogger today is Phyllis Heverly Flesher, director of administrative services, with some insight into how state funding affects CV and which changes to the funding formula could mean for our schools and our taxpayers. GGH

For years, lawmakers and advocates from across the political spectrum have pointed out a key fact: Pennsylvania’s public schools are significantly more reliant on local revenue sources than many states. One study showed that the Commonwealth is nearly 20 percent behind the national average in its share of school funding. PA ranks 42nd out of 50 states.

Focus on the Positive

You may have seen last week in our local media (links omitted) or heard in our community that prosecutors released new details about the death of Miss Mathewson. I want to echo some of the sentiments in reaction to this matter that Brownstown principal Dr. Andy Graybill communicated to parents earlier this week.

In Rememberance

Best wishes to you and yours for a happy 2015.

Unfortunately, the holiday season was not as happy as it could have been for the CV community with the tragic loss of Nicole Mathewson the week before Christmas.  As I had time to reflect over this loss during the holidays, my appreciation for the strength and character of our staff as well as the genuine support from the larger education community has grown even more.

Remembering Miss Mathewson

NOID1Q02017I never imagined writing a blog post about something like this.

It has been a difficult week at Conestoga Valley. All of us continue to absorb the loss of our colleague, Nicole Mathewson. The senseless and tragic circumstances of her death stand in stark contrast to the way she lived her life—encouraging, uplifting, filled with positive energy. She was passionate about teaching mathematics and innovative in using technology. Her classroom was always engaging, even occasionally silly. And she always held her students to a high standard of achievement in math. How could she not, a student reminded me, when her name began with “Math”?

Can You Give a Legacy as a Gift?

FanZoneAt Conestoga Valley, you can!

I’m referring, of course, to the gift of an engraved brick paver in the Buckskin FanZone, to be constructed in our new stadium prior to the start of the fall sports season in 2015. The FanZone will be a gathering place for all visitors to CV’s refurbished athletic stadium honoring all members of the community who lent their support to the years-long endeavor.

Know These Facts About School Attendance

Thornton 2013As we emerge on the other side of Thanksgiving into the holiday rush and, for some, hunting season, school may get squeezed by many other pressures on students this time of year. There is a myth that the pace of learning slows down over the holidays, but the opposite may be closer to the truth! Our teachers have much to cover with only 15 and a-half school days this month. My guest today is CV High School principal Michael Thornton, with some eye-opening facts on the importance of school attendance.

Final Thoughts on a Constructive Forum

IMG_2722_smallThanks to the CV parents who attended Monday evening’s community forum on the Pennsylvania Core Standards (PCS) and to our school board for selecting an important topic to discuss further in that setting. As an epilog, I want to summarize our presentations and discuss some of the concerns our parents voiced during the program.

Ebola: Precautions, not Panic

Worldwide concern continues to grow about the possible spread of the Ebola virus. Here at Conestoga Valley, we are receiving regular updates from several different resources, including the Centers for Disease Control and Pennsylvania Department of Health. While these agencies reassure us that any impact on our schools is not likely, I want to share with you some information about the disease and what we can do to make any local incidence even more unlikely.