Reconstruction…Where to Begin and How?

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Imagine you are member of congress in April 1865, and the Civil War has just ended after four bloody years. The Union and the Confederacy will now have to be rejoined as condition of the Confederate surrender at Appomattox Courthouse. As a member of congress, you and the rest of congress (your classmates) have to develop a plan for rebuilding the United States after the Civil War. Your assignment is to develop a plan for Reconstruction that includes three major areas of change and how you plan to implement these changes. The three areas may include places, people, or things that need attention and help after the Civil War, and please make sure that you are detailed in your response and that you use examples from class and your experience. Your one-paragraph summary should include your three important areas of change and cited examples from class and the text that support these areas of change. Finally, respond to two classmates giving them suggestions about how they could possibly modify or improve their plan to make a greater impact on Reconstruction.


Civil War?

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Think about the 1850’s in the United States and the issues surrounding the debate over slavery in this country. How did events like the Compromise of 1850, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Dred Scott Decision, and the 1860 Election lead to an all out Civil War between the North and the South? Why was the North and the South not able to resolve this problem peacefully? What reasons did the North and South have for going to war with one another, and which side do you think had a better argument for going to war? What was the last straw that caused the South to secede from the Union and begin a four-year bloody civil war? Please write a one paragraph R-A-C-E response to this prompt and then write two additional posts in response to two different classmates, tell them one thing you liked about their post and WHY; and one thing that you think could be changed or explained and WHY.


Manifest Destiny = Westward Expansion

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Manifest Destiny was the belief of the American people that God had given them the right to expand and settle across the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. There were many reasons why the settlers wanted to move west and did so in the mid-1800’s. The settlements spread far and wide reaching the Oregon Country, New Mexico, and California. The American settlers moving west during the 1800’s helped the US achieve Manifest Destiny by the 1860’s, but by then they faced a much graver challenge…slavery.

Please respond to the following prompt, “Manifest Destiny is the belief that the people of the United States have the right to settle from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, how do you think that Manifest Destiny changed the United States?” Please explain three reasons why and how the United States was changed as a result of Manifest Destiny, the reasons may be positive or negative for the US. Please be sure to provide support and examples in your responses; please submit one three paragraph response to this post, and two one-paragraph responses to two of your classmates discussion posts.


Thomas Jefferson…Great President?

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Thomas Jefferson was viewed by the American people as political icon during the late 18th and early 19th century. He politically savvy and culturally influential in America during the birth of the new nation. During his presidency he faced many challenges, of which many were considered successes with some major failures. Jefferson was able to reduce the federal budget and deficit, reduce the size of the army and navy, establish judicial review, completed the Louisiana Purchase, passed the Embargo Act of 1807.
Do you think that Jefferson was a successful or unsuccessful president? Did his failures overshadow his successes? Or did he leave office as the same political genius who assumed office 8 years prior? Please write a one-paragraph summary that details specific details about his presidency and whether or not you think he was a success or a failure as the third president.


Lewis and Clark…and You!

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The Lewis and Clark Expedition set out to explore the newly-acquired Louisiana territory in 1803, in hopes of building relations with Native American tribes, identifying new animal and plant life, and opening the northwest passage. Lewis and Clark were able to get to the northwest passage in a year and a half and it took them six months to return to Missouri. Your task is to write a one paragraph summary that explains some of the successes and challenges that you (as a member of the Corps of Discovery) accomplished on this 1803 expedition. Give some specific examples in your summary and then write a short response to two classmates posts.


Andrew Jackson…Hero or Zero?

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The seventh President of the United States was a highly controversial man. He was a champion of the common people, but was despised by the wealthy and well-educated people. His political philosophy, which was later named, Jacksonian Democracy, was the cause of much conflict in the United States during his 8-years as president.
Think about Jackson’s presidency and his actions, and use the R-A-C-E method to support your response to the following prompt, and choose one event from his presidency to describe in detail the event and reactions to his decision.
“Choose one event from our class readings about Andrew Jackson’s presidency that you think made him a Hero or a Zero. Describe the event using details and examples from the text,use the R-A-C-E method when creating your post.”
When you complete your two-paragraph post, please read and respond to two classmates posts. Your responses to your classmates should include a positive comment about their post, and one recommendation for improvement in their post.


My Freshman Year…

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Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing first semester! I’m looking forward to a great 2014 spring semester! Welcome to Mr. Feeney’s US History I Blog, we will be using the blog to communicate and collaborate with each other throughout this semester. Today, I would like everyone to write a one-paragraph summary highlighting your first semester of your freshman year, then you will respond to two classmates posts, commenting on their posts! Your username will be your first name and please use your school email address as the default email address. Your school email address is…firstname_lastname@student.cvsd.k12.pa.us. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks and good luck!

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