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An essay by a Leola Student

There are many ways to show respect. I can show respect by caring for others, respecting the law, and by being polite.

The first way to be respectful is to be nice and polite.  You can be nice and polite by saying “please” and “thank you”. You can also be nice and polite by smiling at all times. You can also help your teachers! You can do these things and they will help you be polite and nice.

The second way of being respectful is showing that I care.  You can show you care by picking up a book for someone if they drop it. Holding the door for someone when they come can also show that you care.  Saying nice things to someone also shows you care. Showing that I care is part of being respectful.

The last way to show respect is by respecting the laws.  You can respect the laws by recycling paper and plastic.  You can also respect the law by not skateboarding on school property. People can also respect the law by not hitting and not bullying. Follow the rules to be respectful.

Being nice and polite, showing you care, and respecting the laws are ways to be respectful. Respect is amazing. I will always respect people and things.

By I.R. , grade 5 student

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