How Technology Helps a Student

Posted by Colleen Pavlovec on Mar 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Technology is important to me as a student because….

1. Technology helps me get my work done.  Electronics, such as computers, help me type my reports and essays online. The internet also provides helpful sites with facts on the topic I am researching.

2. Instead of saving my work on a hard drive or thumb drive, I now use GoogleDocs.  GoogleDocs is an online site where you can store all of your files (writing, photos, etc).  The cool part is that you can access your files anywhere! Once they are uploaded to GoogleDocs, it doesn’t matter what computer you are on because you can pull up GoogleDocs anywhere.

3. Technology is an amazing creation. Even if you have art homework such as designing a logo, you can use the program Photoshop.if If you are good with photo-manipulation programs, this makes homework for art a piece of cake for you! There are so many programs out in the store today that make using technology so important for productivity.

Technology can be used for almost anything.  Look where the old fashioned phone has progressed to with cell phone usage. Soon everything will be done with the touch of a button or the download of an “app”. I cannot wait to see where the future of technology will take us.  It just keeps getting better and better everyday!

By N.P. (student)

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