Leola's Fabulous Fourth Graders

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Bullying Rules

The Leola bullying rules are:

  • We will not bully!
  • We will try to help others who are bullied!
  • We will include students who are left out!
  • If we know someone is being bullied, we will tell an adult!

Which one of these rules do you think would be the hardest to follow and why?

Bloggers Needed!

I am looking for students to take over the Weekly 5 part of our blog.  You would be responsible for coming up with the top 5 things we did each week as well as a question or two parents could ask their children about the week.  If your interested, please comment on this post telling me why you are interested and why I should choose you to be part of the blogging team!

Favorite Summer Happening

Summer has gone by so fast and school is fast approaching!   While I am excited for a new and fun school year, I will miss the excitement of summer.  My favorite moment this summer was spending time with my family at Virginia Beach.  My husband John, daughter Mackenzie, and I went on a dolphin cruise in the Atlantic Ocean.  It was incredible.  Nothing beats spending time with family!  What was your favorite summer moment?