Welcome to our 4th Grade Blog!  Our blog will be used my both parents and students to strengthen our home-school connection.  It will also be a place for all of us to ask questions and share our thoughts!

I highly recommend subscribing to our blog.  This will allow you to receive  updates when items are added to our blog.  If you are like me, life gets busy and I forget that websites and blogs even exist.  By subscribing to the blog, the  updates you receive will allow you to see what we have added and keep you up-to-date without requiring you to remember to go to the blog to see what’s new.  You can subscribe to our blog by clicking on the Subscribe button under the Subscribe to our Blog tab on our blog.  You can than choose notification method that works best for you from the list provided. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Why Let Our Students Blog

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4th Grade General Resources

17-18 Supply List and Things to Know

4th Grade Behavior System

Class Expectations Chart 

Homework Policy

Helpful Homework Tips

Important Life Skills

Positive Learning Behaviors

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