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In the story Jalapeno Bagels, the young boy is going to share an adventure about his culture. What is one item that you might sometimes help create in the kitchen with your family? Describe the item and tell us why it is so good.

Famous Women in History

We learn so much about famous men in history. Find one famous woman in history that you would like to tell us about in this Blog. Read about her on the Internet and then write a shorty summary on this Blog.

When I think about family, what is most essential to me?

When I think about family, my wife and children are essential to me. This past weekend I went away with my wife for a WONDERFUL training to become presenters for an awesome organization. During this time, it helped me to find focus and remember, refuel, and re-energize on the meaning of family. My wife is the true meaning in my life. My children are the foundation of our growing world. Our extended family is a key that keeps us moving and grooving. Together, we are so important to each other and important to how well we succeed in life. And, there is a “Big Guy” who has a part in ALL of this and that TOO IS KEY for ME!!! I love my family more than words can say and that is what I think of family. I could say SO MUCH MORE, but I just wanted to give you a stepping stone. GOOD LUCK!!! Think deep.