In MyLearningPlan (MLP) under the “LearningPlan” tab and the “Fill-In Forms” section there is an option for staff to submit a “Special Workshop Request Form.” This form allows staff to submit workshop requests for activities that may not be provided by CV, the IU or other providers listed in MLP. This provides great flexibility and differentiation for staff members to learn and develop on their own. Everyone is at a different level when it comes to technology skills and the implementation into their classroom. Since we have staff across the spectrum when it comes to technology it is nearly impossible to provide the individualized training and workshops necessary for each staff member, but that is where a tool like Atomic Learning combined with the districts willingness for individualized professional development comes together to provide you with the just in time, differentiated, self paced development that you need.

So how does this work?

  1. Browse Atomic Learning tutorials under SEARCH or Spotlights to see if there is any tools or skills that you want to work on. I have listed and linked some suggestions below, but you may want to refer to ISTE Assessment results and consult with your supervisor/principal for suggestions as well.
  2. Determine how many hours it will take for you to view the videos, work with technology and create an example or write a reflection about what you completed. As a general rule of thumb, “project based” activities will be a half day workshop (3.25 hrs) and a “workshop” activity will be a full day workshop (6.5 hrs). If you are just going to watch tutorials to learn a new tool you will want to sign up for a half day workshop (3.25 hrs)
  3. Go to MyLearningPlan and submit a “Special Workshop Request Form.” You must fill in all the field that are highlighted in Red. For the Workshop Title make sure you include the technology tool, project or workshop that you are working on and the words Atomic Learning. For example, Atomic Learnings Creating an Online Course workshop or YouTube for educators workshop in Atomic Learning. In the Description make sure you answer these questions; What is the goal for this activity? How will this be incorporated into your class and/or curriculum? What evidence will you provide? The URL for Description is not required, but I suggest linking to whatever atomic learning video series, project or workshop you plan on working on.
  4. For example the YouTube for educators is located at The dates you select can be the same or the completion of the workshop could take place all on the same day. The listed end date is when the district will expect you to have your workshop complete and your evidence submitted. Complete the rest of the required field in Red.  This link will take you to an example form in PDF format displaying how the form should be filled out in My Learning Plan.

So you have found the tutorial, project or workshop your interested in, submitted the form and received approval. Now What?

  1. Log into Atomic Learning and begin working through the tutorial, project or workshop you selected. Your hours and time viewing videos will be logged automatically. If the video is showing you how to do something I suggest you have that program or website open and model the tutorial as you go.
  2. After you watched the videos, created your project or developed your website you should upload all of the work, links, files, etc. you created to your ePortfolio on Atomic Learning.
  3. Log onto MyLearningPlan and mark you activity complete. Insert comments to let you supervisor know what and where they can find the evidence of your learning from that activity.

I hope many of you take this opportunity to individualize your professional development and, as I mentioned above, here is a list of suggested workshops.

Spotlights Tutorials

Prezi-web based presentation tool.

Skype – video conferencing


Microsoft Office 2010 


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