The below items need your attention before you leave at the end of this school year but please keep August 4th as the date to have completed your transition to the new domain.

Your computer and user accounts.

When we move your computer and login to it is equivalent to you become a new user. Think of it like having a brand new account and a new home. The “transition” is comparable to moving your house or apartment. There are 3 main items when moving;

  1. Packing/organizing and backing up your data (completed by you) – Information on what to do linked here.
  2. Moving your equipment to the new domain (done be tech staff) – Tech services has begun this process in some buildings and will notify each person and location when they have moved your device.
  3. Unpacking and organizing in the new Domain (completed by you) – Cannot be done until step 1 and 2 are completed. Refer to the  Welcome to information linked here.

Shared network folder(s).

With the change to the new domain we will be improving our public network folder environment. Public network drives in the domain are scattered across the district with each school having its own public drive and allowing for no collaboration amongst the schools. In the new Domain we are creating a new centrally located P: Public drive (currently shows as the O: Drive on your computer), which is located at the High School and is shared amongst all buildings to act as a central, collaborated store. For more information on this please review information posted here on the tech integration wiki.

Google Docs

Current we have 2 google domains – for staff and for students. These domains were separated because we use different google tools in each domain. Most notably Gmail. Students used Gmail and staff used our exchange server. As we move into the new domain we will have one Google domain – Both staff and students will be in this domain and we will be moving student mail into Microsoft Office365 (more info to come on that later). What this means for staff and students in Google Apps is that it will be easier to share files and folders. All students and staff will show up as contacts and groups.

For more information on starting and completing this transition please check out the information posted here on the tech integration wiki.

Your Email email will be set up to auto forward to until Monday August 4th. On Monday August 4th the email server will be taken down and users will no longer be able to be contacted at that email domain. To convert your self from the old domain email to the new domain email refer to the Atomic Learning tranings on transition from to email. The key software tool you will use is Microsoft Outlook.

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