There have been a number of changes in the technology services department this past summer. The below items highlight the major changes and provide a brief explanation and links to further information and resources regarding these services.  Please take a few minutes to review and familiarize yourself with these updates.

CV District WebsiteWeb Server Links

We moved all servers from to

Links are all updated on the district website under the faculty, parent and student pages.

New internet filter is hosted by the IU and is called Palo Alto.

Policy are being rebuilt as we use the network. Be sure to check website for both your login and a student login to be sure they are available for both you and the student policies.

Google Drive is the same for everyone now.                          

  • Everyone needs an eight digit password  to sign in to the new CV Google.
  • Student account will need to use a Leading ZERO and their 7 digit student id.
  • We all log into the same link and the same domain.
  • Google Drive for Education overview
  • Meet Google Drive overview
  • You can access Google Resources like DRIVE, Contacts, Calendars and more through the 3X3 icongoogle_3x3_b
  • You can create contact groups in Google to share your documents with your class or other teachers.
    • Go to Google Contacts (Hint: in the 3X3 icon, select contacts)
    • Create a new group and
    • use the Directory to search for your CV students or  CV teachers
    • Assign the student or teachers to your newly created group.

Hardware Update

  • 240 additional laptops to Elementary Buildings
  • New desktops in Cadd lab at MS and HS
  • 20 Interactive Projectors K-12

Public Folders

  • H: YOUR named network folder (Your files)
  • P: Public drive, you have access to your building and your grade level or your department
  • S: Students in your building (These are the student network files that teachers have access  to all student work)
  • O: Student Public for each building (This is a public area for sharing resources) all users have rights to view and edit documents.
  • T: Examview
  • Z: Daily Subs folder (organized by building and each teacher can add a folder with their own name for their sub plans). When subs log in with the credentials provided by the office they have access to their building related folder.

CvCloud From the CV Staff Page you can now access Your named network folders and the other public folders including the daily sub folder through the CV Cloud with your login credentials.

Windows updates Will be sent to your machine from System Center and will depend on network traffic. You can postpone them until later in the day they appear but please allow your computer to process the updates and then restart your computer. This will keep your software up to date. software center windows updates

Office 365

Tech Staff changes Patrick Kenny and Nick Olson are our new building technicians.

Tech Staff Changes Patrick Kenny and Nick Olson are our new technicians

. Patrick Kenny (146x195) Patrick Kenny will be in all buildings and working with our iPads K-2 as well as RTIi and ESL iPads.

Nick Olson (146x195)Nick Olson will be working at Leola and Brownstown.




Wireless Network Name Changes

  • CV-Staff – This is a wireless connection for all CV distributed Windows staff devices.
  • CV-Student – This is a wireless connection for all CV distributed Windows student devices.
  • CV-Apple – This is a wireless connection for all CV iPad student devices and CV iTV devices. This is managed by our technicians.
  • CV-BYOD – This is a wireless connection for any devices not connecting to the previous three wireless networks.
  • CV-Public – This is a wireless connection for any non-CV devices and for users that do not have a CV login.

Software Center 

A new tool that allows students and staff to install district software and updates without administrative rights.


Wikispaces have made the domain change!! If you had a wikispace the URL has changed but the  name is the same for example was the site I had and it has been transferred to the new domain and will now be called  So you keep the wiki name just the domain has changed.

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