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Assistive technology can promote greater independence for our students. Chrome Speak and Readability are the two apps that we have deployed to all student laptop devices, both 1:1 machines and cart laptops. These accessibility features of the Google Chrome Web Browser can enable our students to access information comfortably and enhance their learning process with the text to speech tool. We have had interest from several teachers for these two assistive technology items to be utilized in the classroom on student laptops. And we wanted to make everyone aware of the availability of these tools to you and your students.

These tools are free additions to the Google Chrome web browser. The Google Chrome web browser has a number of specialized features including adding apps and extensions which are available through the Chrome Web Store.

Below you will find a description of these apps and the directions for how to place them on your teacher machine.

Chrome Speak   Chrome Speak (App Version), select the text on a web page and right-click to speak with offline TTS (text to speech) engine. For more information about this app, please click on the link. One you install the Chrome speak App to utilize it you need to highlight text on a page and right click. You can then select “read the selected text”. This tool will only work in the Chrome Web Browser.

Readability  Readability is a web and mobile app that zaps clutter and saves web articles in a comfortable reading view. For more information about this extension, please click on the link. The Readability app looks like a red chair in the menu line of Google Chrome Web Browser.

These two tools have been “pushed” to all CV Student laptops.  Teachers can feel free to utilize them with their students. For CV student devices, the Tech Department will need to install the software extensions for students through the System Center. A request for a Chrome app or Extension can be place with a CV helpdesk ticket and the technicians can push the app to the devices you indicate in your helpdesk ticket.




If a teachers or staff member would like to add these or other extensions and apps to their Chrome web browser on your school device, you can follow the directions linked here in the video. OR use these directions,  In the Settings menu in Chrome Web Browser. Settings can be found by clicking on the THREE LINES at the end of the Address line.  Left Click on the Three lines and a drop down menu will give you an option to go to the Settings. Once you click on Settings, there is an Extensions tab on the left side, you can see the list of extensions you have installed and turn off an app or extension or modify it or delete it. At the bottom of the extensions page you will see a link to Get more extensions from the Google Chrome Store. Many of the apps and extensions are free and there are thousands of them to choose from. I recommend only using a few extensions at a time but do look for ones that will make you more productive!

These two extensions have been Enabled on this example Chrome Web Browser.

chrome extensions


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