Conestoga Valley Rebrands, Redesigns Insignia

By Brandon Lê ’14

Conestoga Valley School District recently redesigned all of its primary insignia, as well as updated its motto to reinforce the district’s 21st century “brand.” The former logos had been established in 1958, which prompted the administration to refresh the official logos used.

The district motto was the first item to be updated. Formerly, “Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future,” the new motto, “Character. Community. Commitment,” represents not only our past and future, but our present.

In his blog, Conestoga Valley School District Superintendent Dr. Gerald Huesken stated, “Those three important words nicely sum up what Conestoga Valley is all about, and what makes us special.”

After recreating the motto, the new insignia were then able to be created.

The district seal is the most formal graphic representation of Conestoga Valley. The old seal consisted of three images, a covered wagon, torch, and books, surrounded by a red ring inscribed with, the motto. Surrounding this ring is “Conestoga Valley School District”.

Currently, the new seal consists of a blue circle supported by a laurel framing three stars, which represent success in education. “Conestoga Valley School District” adorns the inside top half of the circle, while the new motto wraps around the inside bottom half of the circle. In addition, three new images have been introduced: a graduation cap representing its namesake, a head with gears symbolizing innovative learning, and a net globe representing the global community.

The next insignia to be designed was the logo, or “primary mark.” While the district seal served as the logo in the past, this year introduces a new logo that uniquely identifies Conestoga Valley. This logo consists of a blue circle with “CV” inscribed in white letters. A red star sits on the “V”, symbolizing the motto’s concepts and guidance of the district in the future.

“We chose the star to represent these concepts for two reasons. One, because they are areas where CV excels—where we are stars! Two, because these concepts, like a star, guide our thinking and actions as we move into the future. The upward sweep and forward motion of star invokes the forward trajectory of Conestoga Valley’s students and staff—always making progress,” added Huesken.

Separating the district’s missions and vision from its sports teams, the redesign process included creating new graphics for the athletics programs. The primary athletic logo now includes a rendering of a Buckskin, including the words “Conestoga Valley Buckskins” underneath, with a red start dotting the “i”. Again, the red star represents the motto, illustrating its connection to all areas of athletics.

These new insignia serve to reinforce Conestoga Valley’s commitment to intellectual achievement, students, and staff. Its motto “Character. Community. Commitment.” is identified in all logos through the symbolic red star. With the new insignia, the values and visions of the district now have a better, truer representation that is all part of Conestoga Valley’s rebranding.

“Unveiling a new logo package is just the beginning of a branding process. The goal of our communications

Conestoga Valley's new district seal highlights the "Character. Community. Commitment" motto.

Conestoga Valley’s new district seal highlights the “Character. Community. Commitment” motto.

will be focus on the story these images are intended to convey,” said Huesken.