Harlem Wizards Wow CV

By Rachel Ashmore ’14

As promised, Saturday November 23, the Harlem Wizards delivered a night of “tricks, hoops, and alley oops.”

Many children attended the event, and the Wizards included them in the excitement, inviting them on to the court for games, dancing, and fun. There were concessions and Harlem Wizards paraphernalia, the proceeds of which, in addition to those of the ticket sales, will go to the CV Capital Campaign. The Wizards will play approximately 300 games this year and raise nearly 1 million dollars for charitable organizations.

The night was more tricks and fun than actual basketball. At points throughout the evening, one player was wheeled onto the court by another player, one of the players went to the top of the bleachers and started dancing with two young fans, and players also invited a female fan on the court and proceeded with their own rendition of Dancing with the Stars.

The hoops themselves were epic. One of the players bounced the ball off the wall behind the basket and then dunked it, and there were several other wild slam dunks, showing off the team’s athleticism.

Basketball was not the only sport highlighted on Saturday. The soccer team was given a place of honor at the front of the bleachers and was applauded during the event for their recent accomplishment of placing 2nd in the State.

While the CV Sorcerers, made of CV teachers, staff, and students, did not win, there were no losers.