Is a High School Diploma Still Necessary?

Is a High School Diploma Still Necessary

By Melody Yoder ‘14


Even considering the US still retains jobs that do not require a high school graduation, the argument against graduation from high school stands unsound in the face of statistics proving that those who do not graduate from high school have more difficulties in their careers as well as lives and more cases of unemployment.


According to Frontline, a PBS news source, those who did not graduate from high school make around $10,386 less a year than those who did. In addition, the unemployment rate for high school dropouts is about 12% versus the national unemployment rate of 8.1%. Those who do not graduate from high school also have 63 times more incarcerations than graduates.


With these statistics in mind, one would have a difficult time making a valid argument for dropping out of high school. These statistics do not apply to every case; however, the general consensus indicates that working individuals need to graduate from high school if they desire a fulfilling career.


Many teenagers do not understand how their life will be impacted if they drop out of high school and do so without thinking about the long term negative repercussions. More informative programs should be in place in public schools to inform teens about the reality of these statistics and the real consequences that their decisions have.