CV Loses a Beloved Community Member

By Tiff Dimm ‘15

On the morning of Monday, December 15, beloved Conestoga Valley math teacher Nicole Mathewson passed away as a result of homicide in her home. She was just thirty-two years old and was serving her eighth year in CVSD. Her passing sent shock waves through the hearts of the CV community.

Miss Mathewson was a passionate and warm math teacher at Brownstown Elementary and a Math Enrichment teacher at Fritz. She touched many lives, including mine. When I heard of the tragedy, the memories came flooding back, and I cannot help but think of all the young lives she will never get a chance to reach.

I remember her standing before a bubbly group of Fritz Math Enrichment students, guiding us through the figures involved with sending Barbie on a bungee-jumping adventure. I can still picture her smile and feel her energy as we all trooped outside one morning to test our calculations, all of us chattering and laughing. without thinking of her humor, love, and vibrance. We who are left behind sing for her a requiem in every step we take in our education. She has been a crucial part of the success of many students.

We absolutely must instill in our population an aversion to violence and respect for life. Let this be Miss Mathewson’s last lesson to us.