Stranger Things Season 2: The Details You May Have Missed…

By Delanie Ouk ’18

Escaping the constant conversations of the Hawkins conspiracy, the Upside-Down army, Will continuously suffering the wrath of the Upside-Down, and more of Eleven’s past being revealed, is nearly impossible.

Stranger Things season two has finally debuted on Netflix after a year of waiting, and much has occurred in season two that has people talking nonstop, but some viewers may have easily missed some minor details throughout the show. It is a bit shocking once it is realized how these following key details tie everything together.

THE ARCADE: In the second season, the opening scene features Dustin, Will, Mike, and Lucas together again playing games. Instead of Dungeons and Dragons, this time the boys are in an arcade playing a video game called the Dragon’s Lair.

Fun fact: The Dragon’s Lair was an actual arcade game of the 80s. The objective of the game is to save Princess Daphne, and the scene shows Dustin and Lucas battling against each other to win.

Dustin loses while Lucas goes on to brag that Princess Daphne is still his. While of course kids will lightly tease each other, the gaming scene foreshadows the introduction of a new character named Max. Not only did Daphne represent Max, but Lucas saving Daphne foreshadows the result of the love triangle between Dustin, Max, and Lucas.

HOPPER AND ELEVEN’S SECRET KNOCK: After Eleven escaped the upside down and spent some time outdoors trying to survive, Hopper found and rescued her. While Hopper took care of her, he knew what might happen to him and Eleven if her whereabouts were discovered. Therefore, they made an agreement for her to stay out of the public eye and inside the home. Hopper even made a secret knock so Eleven would be able to recognize him when he arrived home from work – but the knock is not any ordinary rhythm.

The secret code is extremely heart-warming, as it is Morse code for “Us”. Once Hopper found Eleven, they became a team; he thought it was them against the world.

THE HAIR TIE ON ELEVEN’S WRIST: During the Snow Ball, Mike and Eleven start to dance and while all viewers are in awe (because they have been waiting for this to happen), they may have missed a minor detail. The blue bracelet on Eleven’s wrist is not just any bracelet, and no, Mike did not gift it to her.

The bracelet actually belonged to Hopper’s daughter, Sarah, who died of cancer. While it may have occasionally seemed that Hopper only cared about Eleven because of the possibility of being caught, giving her the bracelet that once belonged to his daughter reveals that he and Eleven have a father-daughter relationship.

ELEVEN WAS EXPOSED TO THE MIND FLAYER: Finally, the most intense scene of the entire season is the battle between Eleven and the Mind Flayer. In a furious showdown, Eleven summons her powers to close the portal between the Upside-Down and Hawkins. While Eleven’s nose is gushing blood as she’s levitating in the air and Hopper is fighting the Demodogs, Mind Flayer sees its opponent: Eleven.

During this finale the viewers are probably thinking that everything is finally over, but in the Upside-Down, the Mind Flayer is hovers over middle school in the final scene. That brings up the question, “Was Eleven infected by the Mind Flayer like Will was?”

Until next season, fans will have to make their own theories as they wait for season three to release.