GHMS Lights up the Night

By Ellie Mikus ’18

The parking lot of the Gerald G. Huesken Middle School becomes blacked out as it is flooded with hushes and a slew of excited whispers as the second annual light show is about to start.

The Technology Student Association Light Show is a half an hour show that is created and run by the majority of the students of GHMS.

Chris Miller, a technology education teacher at the middle school who also assisted in running the show, recalls who came up with the idea for the light show.

“It was a collaborative idea by a retired [technology-education] teacher, Mr. Bratton, Mrs. Wagner [a math teacher at GHMS,] and myself. We had many variants of [the] idea, what is seen now is the final form.”

Sophomore Sam Jones building the structural frames for the props.

The students used a program to light up specific lights that were strung up on trees that lined the back of the school, usually corresponding to the tempo of Christmas, or other winter-themed songs. Some of the songs included The Christmas Can-Can, Thunder by Imagine Dragons, and Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer.

Admittance to the show was free, but donations were accepted. The money that was raised would go towards the GHMS Technology Student Association (TSA) and, according to Miller, “towards improving the show for the next year.”

One significant improvement that was made from last year was the inclusion of a radio station that observers can tune to in order to listen to the songs through their car speakers, due to varying low and uncomfortable temperatures.

The students look forward to keeping the GHMS light show tradition going for many holiday seasons to come.

7th grader Marisa Heisey working on lighting and wiring the props with her father, Nevin.