Author Speaks to CV Students

By Ava Hampton ’20

Author Timothy Boyce spoke to CVHS students on Friday, October 12th about the work he did for the book From Day to Day, a World War II concentration camp diary, secretly written by Odd Nansen.

Odd Nansen was a Norwegian political prisoner during the duration of the Holocaust, detailing in his diary the brutal treatment of Jews, his desperation to keep his humanity, his longing to see his family, and the prejudices against prisoners within Norwegian and German Nazi camps.

Boyce edited Nansen’s diary and added annotations derived from himself, and a preface from Thomas Buergenthal; a young boy which Nansen helped survive the Holocaust. Boyce expressed his thoughts on Nansen’s experiences and triumphs during his event here with Conestoga Valley High School students, leaving with the message, “Treat those who are less loved with respect and acceptance.”